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Ø Will carry out a wide variety of repair, overhaul, modification and maintenance jobs on all types of Industrial Valves and Actuators.

Ø Experienced team of valve repair specialists

Ø Maintenance and repair of Ball / Gate / Globe / Check /Butterfly / Plug / Double Block & Bleed / Knife / Safety / Pressure Relief / Diaphragm / Choke and Control valves shall be carried out in quick time.


Ø Pressure test of all types of valves to international testing standards such as API 6D/ API 598 / BS EN 12266 using vertical and horizontal non Compression test benches or blind flanges.

Ø Sizes from 1/4” to 50” , Pressure Rating – ANSI Class 150 To Class 2500 can be tested

Ø More than 15 valves can be tested at any given point of time

Ø Pressure Testing can be witnessed by Third party inspectors


Ø Fugitive Emission (FE) testing on all types of valves to ISO 15842 & MESC SPE 77/312.

Ø High pressure gas testing up to 5000Psi can be carried out in our specialized High Pressure Test bunker



Ø Specialized actuator integration facility

Ø Mounting , integration and setting of Electric / Hydraulic / Pneumatic / Gas Over Oil and Electro Hydraulic Actuators

Ø Fabrication of mounting brackets and couplings for Actuator mounting.

Ø FAT can be carried out after valve + actuator integration

Ø Retrofit of Gearboxes, Limit switches, Key Interlocks to existing valves in operation.



Ø Machining centers available for Lapping, Grinding, Turning and other operations

Ø Welding of Pipe Nipples to SW end ball valves using a fully automatic welding process with approved WPS/PQR.

Ø Weld overlay of dynamic seal pockets with SS 316 and Inconel 625 material.


Ø We undertake both in-house and on-site projects (both onshore and offshore) depending on client’s requirements.

Ø Online flushing, greasing and sealing of pipe line ball valves.

Ø Sourcing and supply of all types of OEM Spare parts, sealant, fittings, grease guns etc.

Ø Protection, sandblasting and painting of valves to various end user specifications.